The Iowa Department of Education Literacy Standards Review Team is charged with reviewing and providing feedback for the current literacy standards. The team will meet virtually beginning in February 2024.

State law requires an ongoing review of Iowa’s academic standards, including public comment, to ensure content is current and aligns with best practices.

Once the updated standards are reviewed and public comment has been completed, a review committee of educators, administrators, postsecondary education, industry representatives, and families will review feedback and make final recommendations. A final standards proposal will go before the State Board of Education for consideration. If adopted, the revised literacy standards will be required of school districts as a matter of state law.

Iowa’s academic standards provide a set of common expectations for school districts across the state while allowing for decisions regarding curriculum and how it is delivered to be made locally. The standards establish what students must learn to be prepared for success after high school. Local schools and educators continue to set and oversee decisions about curriculum and classroom instruction.

Meeting Dates & Agendas

Feb. 27, 2024

March 7, 2024

March 12, 2024

March 19, 2024

March 21, 2024



  • Leigh Bellville, Iowa Department of Education, Literacy Consultant
  • April Gosselink-Lemke, Iowa Department of Education, Elementary Literacy Consultant
  • Wanda Steuri, Iowa Department of Education, Dyslexia and Science of Reading Consultant


The Literacy Standards Review Team includes representation from various stakeholder groups across the state, including but not limited to higher education, content specialists, administrators, teacher leaders, classroom teachers, parents, industry and community members.

  • Britney Baker
  • Courtney Bentley
  • Kelsey Bowers
  • Kandi Brittain
  • Kelsi Christensen
  • Gretchen Conway
  • Molly Dabroski
  • Jessica Dirks
  • Kimberly Easton
  • Stephanie Edgren
  • Valery Fuhrman
  • Kirstin George
  • Trina Hill
  • Stefanie Latimer
  • Nina Lorimor-Easley
  • Lexa Mahr
  • Rhonda Nelson
  • Melissa Nelson Chiprez
  • Ginger Peterson
  • Tara Pfantz
  • Megan Powers
  • Noel Price
  • Jess Quandahl
  • Carl Rankin
  • Wendy Robinson
  • Katie Sharp
  • Sarah Shelquist
  • Sumayya Staab
  • Laura Stansberry
  • Sheritta Stokes
  • Jennifer Thoma
  • Vicki Trueg
  • Jill Tussey
  • Jennifer Urlaub
  • Kara Veach
  • Cynthia Woodhouse
  • Tessa Yackle
  • Sarah Yoder