Achieve the Core: The Teaching the Core Video Library - Search this database of bell-to-bell lessons with annotations to highlight moments of exemplary CCSS-aligned instruction. In the Classroom - Professional Development Webcasts - Find a series of professional development webcasts and resources for English language arts and content area teachers.

From Common Core to Iowa Core - Describes the process the Department went through in integrating the National Common Core State Standards into the Iowa Core.

Introduction to the Iowa Core Literacy Standards - Provides an introduction to the Iowa Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, Grades 6-12.

Iowa Core Introduction to Literacy - Provides an overview of the Standards.

A Student-Centered Approach to Iowa Core Literacy - Offers thoughts on how teachers might deal with the higher levels of text complexity.

Success at the Core - Designed to help teams and teachers understand, embrace, and implement a vision of effective school leadership and teaching.

Teaching Channel - Select "Common Core" from the topics dropdown menu to view Common Core-aligned videos.

Teaching the Core - Find a collection of classroom videos and associated lesson materials to help K-12 educators implement the instructional shifts required by the Common Core.

UnboundEd Resources for Educators - Explore the latest research, tools and thought leadership. from UnboundEd.


Aligned Instructional Materials - Follow the blog to read about the latest trends in the field, including free Common Core-aligned materials, and tools to help with important instructional materials decisions.

ColorΓ­n Colorado - Visit a website dedicated to helping educators and English learners across the nation.

International Literacy Association: Literacy Daily - Discusses cutting-edge research translated into practical resources for educators and students.

Iowa Reading Research Center - Offers high-quality posts about the latest issues in literacy education.

Literacy and NCTE - Read about topics that range from teaching grammar to discussing the school-to-prison pipeline to how teachers take care of themselves within a rigorous profession and everything in between.

Teaching Channel: The K12 Hub - Features free digital resources to enhance ELA/Literacy instruction, including blogs, podcasts and video blogs.

Tim Shanahan on Literacy - Provides timely blog posts that are informative and responsive to questions from the field.

Coaching Resources

Common Core ELA Resource Guide - Find support for teachers who work with English learners and students with disabilities.

Common Core Knowledge and Practice Survey - Promotes reflection on instructional practice and understanding of the Common Core.

CORE: District and School Site Literacy Implementation Rubric - Assess the state of literacy implementation for support and growth as part of a continuous improvement model.

CSAI: Getting a Handle on the Standards - Addresses key shifts in learning and teaching represented in the CCRS with a focus on understanding the Standards. It provides an introduction to the CCSS and outlines a detailed process that teachers can use to become knowledgeable about the standards and prepare to teach them.

Engage NY Professional Development Kits - Offers tools to support teachers as they develop their skills and abilities in the implementation of the Common Core.

Implementing Evidence-Based Literacy Practices Roadmap - Links to resources from across Institutes of Education Sciences (IES) to guide users in assessing their readiness for implementing literacy interventions, selecting evidence-based instructional materials and strategies, and evaluating their implementation of these practices.

Instructional Practice Guide Coaching Tool - Designed around the three Core Actions that encompass the Key Shifts in instructional practice.

Literacy in Learning Exchange - Offers a free site with an evolving resource collection for developing professionally.

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction: Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know - Presents ten principles of instruction, along with suggestions for classroom practice.

StandardsWork - Designed to promote three pillars – that curriculum counts, knowledge matters, and proven practices deliver – website curates articles of interest for educators and posts authentic, field-generated videos.

Student Achievement Partners: Tour de Core - Outlines the resources on that address the following topics: 1) Complex text: How to determine appropriate text complexity and scaffold complex text for struggling readers, 2) How to design strong, text-dependent questions, 3) How to integrate the ELA standards into a PLC, 4) How to work with imperfect ELA materials, 5) Building knowledge through reading.