Iowa residents enrolled in specified career or technical education programs at Iowa community colleges may be eligible for this grant program. The maximum Kibbie Grant award is one-half of the average Iowa community college tuition and mandatory fees per year for up to two years of education. Part-time students may be eligible for prorated amounts.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Iowa resident
  • Enrolled in at least 3 credit hours in a qualified program of study (of at least 15 weeks duration)
  • Enrolled at an Iowa community college
  • Must demonstrate financial need , and have an eligible Student Aid Index on the FAFSA of (-1,500) - 6,000 in the 2024-25 academic year

Award Amount

The statutory maximum award is one-half of the average community college tuition and fee rate, although the maximum award for an academic year may be less depending on the funding available and number of projected recipients. The maximum 2024-25 award is $3,000.

Required Application


Important Dates

October 1: FAFSA is available
July 1: FAFSA application deadline