Essential Concept and/or Skill: Use technology resources to create original products, identify patterns and problems, make predictions, and propose solutions.

  • Demonstrate creative thinking to generate new ideas and products using a variety of technology tools and resources.
  • Create and share new ideas, products, and processes related to curriculum content.
  • Work individually and collaboratively to create, display, publish, or perform media-rich products.
  • Use models and simulations to identify problems and propose solutions.
  • Use technology resources to gather and depict data, recognize trends, and project outcomes.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Use interactive technologies in a collaborative group to produce digital presentations or products in a curricular area.

  • Use a variety of technology tools to work collaboratively with others inside and outside the classroom.
  • Use telecommunication tools efficiently to communicate information and ideas to multiple audiences.
  • Access remote information using technology.
  • Engage in learning activities with learners from other countries and/or cultures
  • Appropriately contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems using technology.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Utilize digital tools and resources to investigate real-world issues, answer questions, or solve problems.

  • Create a plan or process that utilizes digital tools and resources to investigate and answer issues, questions, or problems.
  • Locate, organize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media.
  • Access information for specific purposes, and assess the validity of the information source.
  • Identify, select, and organize data. Discuss and describe the results.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Use technological resources to develop and refine questions for investigation.

  • Choosing from a variety of real-world issues and/or problems, use technological resources to develop and refine questions for investigation.
  • Use technological resources to conduct research and complete a project.
  • Identify trends or solutions or assist students in making decisions.
  • Identify and explore diverse perspectives and processes to find multiple solutions to problems.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Understand and practice appropriate, legal, and safe uses of technology for lifelong learning.

  • Demonstrate awareness of the dangers of sharing personal information with others.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what electronic theft and plagiarism are and why they are harmful.
  • Identify the positive values of using technology to accomplish tasks.
  • Use technology to explore and pursue personal interests.
  • Show others how to use new technologies, and use technology in a way that assists, rather than prevents, others from learning.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Understand technology hardware and software system operations and their application.

  • Use everyday technology processes, hardware, and software
  • Select the most efficient and appropriate technology tool for a specific task.
  • Begin to identify the source of a problem with technology, and, if necessary, identify the appropriate support personnel.
  • Apply prior knowledge of technologies to new technologies.