Extracurricular activities are a great way to meet people when you start college. Participating has been tied to higher GPAs, higher graduation rates and higher salaries after graduation. Here are some possible ways to get involved:

  • Academic organizations can help you network with students and faculty within your major or explore areas of interest outside your major. 
  • Musical and theater groups let you exercise your creative muscles.
  • Student government gives you a voice in the way your campus is run.
  • Community service and activism will connect you with people looking to help the world around them.
  • Intramural sports make you part of a team and help you stay physically fit.
  • School newspapers, magazines and broadcast stations give you real-world media experience.
  • Informal study groups help you get to know other students in your classes and improve your academic performance.
  • Have an unusual interest? Start a club! Most colleges have a standard application to get you going. Check with the student activities office.