The Iowa Department of Education communicates using a variety of newsletters. To sign up for a newsletter, click on the title of the newsletter and you will be taken to that newsletter's sign up page. 

Department of Education Newsletters
Alternate Assessmentalternate assessment educators, administrators and leadersas needed
Career & Academic Planning Newsschool counselors, ICAP team members, teachersquarterly
Career & Technical Education Quarterly News & UpdatesCTE educators, administrators and leadersquarterly
Community College Leader Bulletincommunity college stakeholdersmonthly
Educator Licensure Newsletters & Updateseducator license holdersquarterly newsletter,
updates as needed
ELPA21 UpdateELPA21 educators, administrators and leadersas needed
E-Ratelocal E-Rate administratorsas needed
Fine Arts Educator Newsletterfine arts educators (dance, music, visual arts and theatrequarterly
Financial Literacy Updatefinancial literacy educators, administrators and leaders3-4 times/year
Headlines from the Iowa Department of Educationanyone interested in the happenings of the Iowa Department of Educationmonthly
Iowa Guided Pathways Newslettercommunity colleges, four-year college partnersmonthly
ISASP UpdateISASP educators, administrators and leadersas needed
Legislative Update and Legislative Action Alertsanyone interested in education related legislationweekly during legislative session and as needed
Literacy News You Can Useliteracy educators, administrators and leadersmonthly
Mathematics Update: The Only Subject That Countsmathematics educators, administrators and leadersmonthly
School Business Alertschool and AEA business mangersmonthly
School Wellnessschool wellness educators, administrators and leadersmonthly
Science Updatescience educators, administrators and leaders monthly
Senior Year Plus Updatesenior year plus educators, administrators and leadersas needed
Social Studies Updatesocial studies educators, administrators and leadersmonthly during the school year
Superintendent Notessuperintendents, school administrators and leadersmonthly
Work-Based Learning Coordinator Newsletterwork-based learning coordinators 
World Languages Updateworld language educators, administrators and leaders3-4 times/year