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The Fall BEDS Staff collects position, assignment, and compensation data from public districts, state-accredited nonpublic schools, and AEAs.

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BEDS Crosswalk

BEDS Crosswalk - Spreadsheet contains course SCED codes and required licensure.

  • 01001-24999 series: HS Course Codes 
    • Workplace experience - any teacher may supervise this within their own endorsement areas. The MOC endorsement is only required if supervising outside their endorsement areas.
  • 30000 series: At-Risk, Home School, TAG, Counseling, Library, Homebound
    • Only use at-risk for coordinators not providing direct instruction; teachers should be HS coded
  • 40000 series:  Administrator Codes
    • Must use this for initial administrators wanting to move to the professional administrator license 
  • 50000 series: Curriculum Director Codes
    • Do not use for administrators or teachers, cannot be used to move to prof. admin license
  • 60000 series: Elementary and Middle School
    • Do not use “exploratory” unless there is no other course code to match the content  
  • 70000-80000 series: Special Education and Other Student Services
  • 90001-95001: Coaching, SWVPP, EC with SPED, ECSE, Head Start, Nurse
  • 96000 series: Teacher Leadership Codes
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