Iowa teacher shortage areas are designated annually by the Iowa Department of Education. Data used to calculate the shortages include the numbers of Class C and Class B licenses issued, the number and frequency of job postings on IowaWORKS (the statewide teacher recruitment website), and the number of projected graduates in each teaching discipline.

Teachers in shortage areas may be eligible for college student forgivable loans through both state and federal programs. Information regarding application for forgivable loans is available at the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website.

2023-24 Iowa Teacher Shortage Areas

RankEndorsement NumberEndorsement Title
1266Deaf or Hard of Hearing B-21
2267Visually Impaired B-21
3260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265Special Education - All Exceptionalities
4102Elementary Education Core Subjects
5185, 156, 151, 152, 1541Science 5-12
6139Family and Consumer Science
7113,114Art Education
8103, 1001, 262Early Childhood - Birth through Kindergarten
9143, 1431Mathematics 5-12
10140Industrial Technology 5-12
11133-134World Languages - Spanish
12144, 145Music Education
14172, 173Professional School Counselor K-8, 5-12
15119, 120, 1201English Language Arts
16186, 1861Social Studies
17153Earth Science
18146, 147Physical Education
19108, 109, 174Teacher Librarian K-8, 5-12, K-12
20107PK-12 Talented and Gifted
21121-132, 135-136, 177- 181, 187-188Any World Language