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Community Colleges

The Iowa Department of Education collects data from Iowa community colleges on student enrollment, coursework, awards, college human resources and financial information. The data reporting, as mandated by the state law, serves the informational, accountability, research and reference needs of users, such as policymakers, researchers, educational administrators, educators, media and general public.

Accounting Manual

Current: Community College Accounting Manual (effective 7-1-14) - Includes information on the proper coding of the accounting functions on the community college information system.

Archive: Community College Accounting Manual

Data Submission Rules & Frequency

Iowa community colleges submit data twice each year: once for annual scope and one for the Fall term of every academic year. Annual data is due by Sept. 17, and Fall term data is due by Oct. 7 of each year.

Detailed rules and definitions for expected data are available in annual editions of the MIS Reporting Manual and Data Glossary, published within user-specific data submission system, WebMIS. For the non-data-submission specialists, any edition of the Manual can be obtained upon request.

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The Iowa Department of of Education collects data on Iowa higher education from all degree-granting postsecondary schools in Iowa. College and university officials provide data annually through online collection website applications.

Home Base Iowa Reporting

Collects data on military educational credit and experience. Data from this collection is used for veteran support and policy development.

2023 Home Base Iowa Reporting due by Dec. 1, 2023.

Financial Aid Reporting

Collects data concerning student aid from federal, state, institutional and other sources. Data from the report is used for financial aid policy development.

2023 Financial Aid Reporting due by Dec. 1, 2023.

Ethnic Diversity Reporting

Collects data about the race and ethnicity of Iowa college and university faculty and students, including recipients of state financial aid for college. As directed by Iowa Code 256.177, collected information is compiled and reported to the general assembly, the governor and the legislative services agency.

2023 Ethnic Diversity Reporting due by Nov. 13, 2023.

Student Budget Reporting

Collects information about the cost of attendance at Iowa colleges and universities. Information is used to administer need-based scholarship and grant programs, and is published in print publications, such as Your Course to College.

Academic Year 2024-25 Student Budget Reporting due by June 1, 2024.

IPEDS Data Entry

Data entry screens for the National Center for Education Statistics at U.S. Department of Education. The Bureau of Iowa College Aid is the state-level IPEDS coordinator for 88 postsecondary schools in Iowa.

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