Iowa law establishes the process for community colleges to plan for the hiring and professional development of faculty and sets minimum qualifications for arts and sciences and career technical instructors. The following documents provide an overview of state standards for instructor qualifications and professional development.

Iowa Community Colleges Faculty Qualifications Guide

Quality Faculty Plan Requirements and Minimum Faculty Standards Presentation - A presentation on changes to the QFP requirements and minimum faculty standards.

QFP Requirements and Minimum Faculty Standards Response to Questions - The Department of Education's response to questions raised by the Community College Human Resources Directors - released 8/21/08.

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Quality Faculty Plans

Quality Faculty Plan Requirements - Community college institutional quality faculty plans guide the hiring and development of community college credit instructors and certain other employee classifications. Each plan is established by the college's quality faculty plan committee consisting of instructors and administrators and are approved by the institution's board of directors.

Quality Faculty Plan Overview - The purpose of the quality faculty plan process is for colleges to guide the hiring and professional development of faculty to ensure competence.

Quality Faculty Plan Committee Membership Requirements - Community college quality faculty plan committees consist of both faculty and administrators and must meet the requirements of Iowa Code 260C.36.

Higher Learning Commission Guidance on Determining Quality Faculty - The Higher Learning Commission's guidance to institutions of higher education on determining and evaluating faculty qualifications.

Revised Guidelines on Determining Qualified Faculty - The following information provides guidance to institutions and peer reviewers in determining and evaluating minimal faculty qualifications at institutions accredited by Higher Learning Commission.

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Community College Quality Faculty Plans

Each college's QFP contains, at a minimum, nine components addressing the professional development of faculty and staff, administrative procedures, plan maintenance, faculty and staff orientation and recordkeeping.

Area 1: Northeast Iowa Community College

Area 2: North Iowa Area Community College

Area 3: Iowa Lakes Community College

Area 4: Northwest Iowa Community College

Area 5: Iowa Central Community College

Area 6: Iowa Valley Community College District

Area 7: Hawkeye Community College

Area 9: Eastern Iowa Community College

Area 10: Kirkwood Community College

Area 11: Des Moines Area Community College

Area 12: Western Iowa Tech Community College - Faculty
Area 12: Western Iowa Tech Community College - Credit Adjunct Faculty

Area 13: Iowa Western Community College

Area 14: Southwestern Community College

Area 15: Indian Hills Community College

Area 16: Southeastern Community College

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Minimum Faculty Standards

All community college-employed instructors who are under contract for at least half-time or more, and all instructors teaching college credit coursework, are required to meet minimum standards.

Minimum Faculty Standards

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Faculty Advisory Committee

The Community College Faculty Advisory Committee, as required by Iowa Code 260C.36 was established to: (1) keep faculty informed of higher education issues, (2) facilitate communication between faculty and the department on an ongoing basis, and (3) to serve as an advisory committee to the department and community colleges on faculty issues.

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