Iowa Administrative Code 281-62 (State Standards for Reading Progression) requires public districts to universally screen literacy skill development of all K-3 students. Targeted intervention and ongoing progress monitoring is then required for students who are repeatedly identified as at-risk for not meeting subsequent learning targets. Intervention and skill monitoring continues beyond 3rd grade when students continue to demonstrate risk.

To help support public schools to meet this requirement, the Iowa Department of Education (Department) is seeking early literacy (K-6) universal screening and progress monitoring assessment submissions. Screening and monitoring tools submitted will be reviewed to ensure each approved measure meets the minimum criteria specified by the Department. Those tools that meet approval criteria will be communicated to Iowa’s schools as approved early literacy screening and monitoring assessments.

The Department currently has an Approved ELI Literacy Assessments list developed in the Spring of 2022. Those screening and monitoring tools will remain on the approved list. The current RFAP gives all vendors the opportunity to submit assessments to be considered to be added to the existing approved assessment list.

This submission opportunity does not include a cost proposal and will not result in a statewide contract.

Request for Approval Requirements

The Department has identified criteria for universal screening and progress monitoring assessments that are required as part of this RFAP. Applicants must submit responses to the required sections of the Submission Template to be considered for approval. A Department evaluation committee will conduct a comprehensive, fair, and impartial evaluation of proposals received in response to this request. The committee will identify those assessments that meet the minimum technical characteristics required for inclusion on the existing approved assessment list.

Submission Process & Timelines

Questions and submissions must be provided by the dates listed.

Dec. 4, 2023Request for Approval (RFAP) webpage posted to Department website. 
Dec. 29, 2023
5 p.m. CT
Vendor questions due:
Vendor Questions for Early Literacy RFAP (2024)
Jan. 2, 2024Vendor Questions and Department Responses

Feb 2, 2024
5 p.m. CT


RFAP Submissions Due:

March 1, 2024 (tentative)Updated 2024-2025 Early Literacy Assessment list posted

Submission Checklist

  • Request for Approval (RFAP): Early Literacy Assessment, one per submission. Please include the product and/or vendor name in the title of submission(s)
  • Supplemental resources, referenced as evidence within the submission (e.g., user guide, technical manual, technical reports), are submitted as pdfs with the proposal. 
  • Each submission is a pdf.
  • Each submission is no more than 16MB.
  • There are no more than 10 total submissions/attachments per Request for Approval.
  • If submitting multiple measures that stand alone, each is submitted separately with a separate Request for Approval Submission Template.