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Requirements - First Issuance

Step-by-step directions and requirements for first coaching authorization

  • 18 years of age and a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Concussion training certificate from the National Federation of High Schools (not the Heads-Up version)
  • CPR training certificate (online or in person)
  • 55-hour workshop certificate from an approved provider or college coursework which includes the following content: 
    • Structure and function of the human body
    • Prevention and care of athletic injuries
    • Human growth and development
    • Theory/methods and ethics of coaching

Converting a Teaching License with a Coaching Endorsement to a Coaching Authorization


5 years


Athletic coaching


Step-by-step directions and requirements for renewal

Items required for renewals:

  1. CPR training certificate (online or in person)
  2. Concussion training certificate from the National Federation of High Schools (not the Heads Up Version) 
  3. Mandatory reporter training for both child abuse and dependent adult abuse certificate.
  4. Any rules meeting, NFHS video, or workshop, clinic (can be verified by the school AD/Admin).  College credit, licensure renewal credit, or renewal activity from NEACA, Kirkwood, or Iowa Lakes Community College. 

** Ethics for educators training is required for an old coaching authorization issued before July, 1 2000 if this is the first renewal since. The Ethics for Educators module is a one-hour training available from AEA Learning Online learning and can count for number 4 above. 


Verification of a Master's degree or higher, at least 10 years of PK-12 licensed experience, and the mandatory reporter training for child and dependent adult abuse. Substitute experience may count as years of experience if an individual is able to verify at least 91 days of substitute experience per year of experience.


Yes. If more time is needed to complete renewal requirements. An extension will be issued for one year only and the application requires the concussion training.

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