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Financial Management
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School Districts

Provided below is a Comprehensive Listing of State, Federal, and Local Dollars for each School District. Prior years data are available upon request.

2023-24 State Allocations and Selected Federal Allocations

2022-23 State Allocations and Selected Federal Allocations

2021-22 State Allocations and Selected Federal Allocations

All dollars are for the fiscal year noted, except the dollars for modified supplemental amount requested and granted by the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC). Modified supplemental amounts would not be known until after the fiscal year has ended, so dollars from the prior fiscal year for modified supplemental amount have been used.

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More Allocations & Fiscal Data

At-Risk (weighted At-Risk from Aid and Levy)

Budgets, AEA - Juvenile Home Advance

Certified Annual Financial Report - AEA Flowthrough, Commodities, Sources for Local Projects (LEP, HSAP, At Risk, TAG, Drop out Prevention)

Department of Management - Aid and Levy, levy information

Dropout Prevention

Early Literacy Implementation (ELI) - Early Readers Program

ESSA Guidance and Allocations - Titles I, II, III, IV Part A, IV Part B, V Part B

Gifted and Talented


Local Option Tax Information (SAVE distribution)

SBRC (School Budget Review Committee) - Modified Supplemental Amount (open enrollment out, LEP)

School Districts (Income tax information by school district)

State Aid Payment - Teacher Salary Supplement (TSS), Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC), Early Intervention, Professional Development, Voluntary 4 yr. old Preschool, Special Ed Deficit

Transportation Equity spreadsheets are on the State Payment Information webpage. Select the plus sign (+) by the "FY?? Information" section for that specific fiscal year's spreadsheet.

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