The Iowa Department of Education accepts higher education student complaints and offers two types of student complaint forms. Select the choice that best describes your situation.

Common Student Complaint Questions & Answers

Before submitting a student complaint. See the these questions and answers for further information.

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Two Student Complaint Options

Postsecondary School Student Complaints

Postsecondary School Student Complaints are accepted from any student attending an Iowa postsecondary school, regardless of the student's state of residency, and from an Iowa resident attending any postsecondary school in the United States.

Submit a Student Complaint Form to the Bureau of Iowa College Aid.

Community College Student Complaints

Community College Student Complaints are accepted from any student attending an Iowa community college if:

  • The complainant has attempted to resolve the matter through the school’s student complaint or grievance process before a complaint is filed. 
  • The complaint is filed within one year of the student’s last recorded date of attendance.
  • Equity-related complaints.

Submit a Community College Student Complaint Form to the Bureau of Community Colleges and Postsecondary Readiness.

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What happens after a complaint is submitted?

Iowa Department of Education staff will review submitted forms and determine the appropriate course of action. Actions may include, but are not limited to: 

  • contacting the student, 
  • requesting additional information or documentation from the student or school, 
  • contacting the school in question and/or
  • referral to another agency. 
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