Choose Economical Housing

You can cut your dormitory costs if you choose a basic shared room instead of a private room or a deluxe apartment-style unit. If your school is close enough and circumstances allow, living with your family can save on housing costs.

Avoid Changing Majors

Changing even once can add a year or more of college. Explore your interests, values and skills and match them to potential careers before you start college.

Consider Summer Courses

Taking one summer course each year in addition to a regular full-time schedule can help you graduate a semester early.

Rent Your Textbooks

Many colleges allow you to rent textbooks, saving hundreds of dollars. Try websites such as, and If you buy books, buy them used.

Claim Tax Benefits

Take advantage of the Student Loan Interest Deduction, the American Opportunity Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit and the Tuition and Fees Deduction. You can learn more from IRS Publication 970.