The Future Ready Iowa Grant is a state-funded grant program for Iowa students who are age 25 or older, who attend an eligible school.

Eligible Students

The Future Ready Iowa Grant is available to:

  • Iowa residents who are age 25 as of July 1 preceding the academic year
  • Enroll at least part-time in an eligible bachelor's degree program of study at an eligible school.
  • Recipients must be continuously enrolled and continuously receiving the grant to qualify in future semesters.
  • Enrollment during the summer semester is not required to meet the continuous enrollment/receipt provision. 

Eligible Schools

Eligible schools are Iowa's three public universities, an accredited private college or an approved virtual institution that offers eligible programs of study.

Priority for Awards

  • Eligible renewal applicants, by application date
  • Eligible new applicants, by application date

Eligible Programs of Study

The Future Ready Iowa Grant Eligible Programs list is based on job demand and might change from year to year. Students whose programs are removed from the list will still be eligible for the Future Ready Iowa Grant until they complete their credentials or leave school, as long as they meet all other eligibility criteria.

Required Applications

  • First Time Applicants: Submit the FAFSA and the Iowa Financial Aid Application (IFAA).
  • Renewing Applicants: Only submit the FAFSA. 



Important Dates

October 1: IFAA and FAFSA will be available
July 1: IFAA and FAFSA priority deadline