The Healthy, Hunger‐Free Kids Act of 2010 establishes nutrition standards for all foods and beverages sold to students before, during, and 30 minutes after the school day. The nutrition standards that are a part of the Iowa Healthy Kids Act are now equivalent to United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Smart Snack standards.

In Iowa, there are zero exemptions for fundraisers. All fundraisers that take place before, during and 30 minutes after school must meet the Healthy Kids Act/Smart Snacks nutrition standards as indicated in Iowa Administrative Code 281-58.

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National References & Websites

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Tools for Assessing Compliance

  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks Calculator - Tool to assess food product compliance with the federal requirements for Smart Snacks in Schools.
  • List of Acceptable Foods and Beverages - Resource developed by Connecticut State Department of Education. Note: all products still need to be determined compliant by the nutrition calculator with a calculator print out for documentation.
  • Nutrient Analysis Software - If your snack doesn’t have a nutrition label because it is made from scratch, then you may need to calculate the nutrition information. Your school nutrition program may already use a nutrient analysis software approved by the USDA. 
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Smart Snacks Outside the Cafeteria

Communication with school staff and school groups is key to successful compliance of Smart Snacks. It is the role of school nutrition to ensure that everyone that sells foods and beverages to students during the school day is aware of the Smart Snacks standards.

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Video Recordings

  • Smart Snacks in School Webinar (1 hour 5 minutes) - Held as part of the school nutrition monthly News to Know webinar series that provided an overview of requirements when selling food and beverages to students.
  • School Wellness and Smart Snacks Webcast (10:30 minutes) - Overview of local school wellness policies and Smart Snacks nutrition standards.
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Smart Snack Recipes

The following recipes meet Smart Snacks standards. These may be most beneficial for Family Consumer Sciences, Food Classes, school stores and a la carte lines.




Main Dish

Dips/Salsa/Trail Mix

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