In Iowa, two separate mandatory reporter trainings are required for most school employees. The two mandatory reporter trainings are:

  • Mandatory Reporter: Child Abuse
  • Mandatory Reporter: Dependent Adult Abuse

 Certificates of completion for both mandatory reporter trainings are required for the following situations:

  • Employment in a licensed position
  • License renewal

Mandatory reporter trainings are available online through AEA Learning Online and the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. Each training is two hours and available in English and Spanish. 

In limited situations, there are one-hour refresher trainings available. For license renewal, the Board of Educational Examiners can only accept the one hour refresher trainings if:

  • you have taken the both of the new, separate, two-hour trainings, completed after July 1, 2019,
  • and you did not let the new, separate, two-hour trainings expire, 
  • and you uploaded all certificates completed after 2019 as proof.

In most cases, it is much easier to complete both two-hour trainings again to make sure you have the correct certificates of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mandatory Reporter Training

Do I need to complete trainings for both child and dependent adult abuse? 

  • Yes. The updated mandatory reporter trainings are now separate, two hours each, and both the child abuse and the dependent adult abuse trainings must be completed. You will upload your completion certificates to the online application when you renew your license.

Is my mandatory reporter training still valid? 

  • Check the completion date. Training completed before July 1, 2019, is valid for five years, and training completed on or after July 1, 2019, is valid for three years. 

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