Principles to Actions - Ensuring Mathematical Success for All: Referred to as the “Math Teaching Bible,” NCTM’s landmark publication connects research with practice. Research-based teaching practices for a high-quality mathematics education for all students. Explore the Overview which is a PowerPoint and executive summary which offers guidance to teachers, mathematics coaches, administrators, parents and policymakers.

Institute of Educational Services (IES) - Teaching Toolkit: The WWC’s Math Focused Practice Guides, Calculating the Benefits: Using Intervention Reports to Understand Program Effectiveness, and Spotlight on Young Children Early Numeracy

Mathematics Assessment Project - TRU (Teaching Robust Understanding) is a framework for characterizing powerful learning environments in crisp and actionable ways. It provides a straightforward and accessible language for discussing what happens (and should happen) in classrooms and is consistent with what we know to be good practice; and it focuses classroom attention on what counts in learning.

The Mathematical Education of Teachers II -  aka MET II: This report recommendations for the mathematical preparation of teachers at all grade levels: elementary, middle, and high school, professional development, and mathematical knowledge for teachers.  Written by Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) which is comprised of seventeen professional societies.

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Principles to Actions

Principles to Actions Toolkit - Resources focused on Effective Teaching Practices and Guiding Principles from NCTM for the required actions for all students to be mathematical thinkers and prepared for any career or profession.

The Guiding Principles - Teaching and Learning, has primacy among the Guiding Principles of Principles to Action, with the others serving as the Essential Elements that support it.

Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices - Eight teaching practices for teachers from Principles to Actions.

Strategies to Implement Principles to Actions

Principles to Actions for Teachersfor Leadersfor Administrators

Principles to Actions - Presentation describing the beliefs of Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Teacher and Student actions.

PtA Implementation Plan - This is a quick plan to implement the Principles to Action according to Lead Author Steve Leinwand.

Ten Strategies for Moving Principles to Actions to Action - Presentation describing ten strategies for implementing Principles to Actions.

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Illustrative Mathematics - Instructional practices resources aligned to the standards from William McCallum, a lead writer of the State Standards for Mathematics, head of the math department at the University of Arizona, and Founding Partner of Illustrative Mathematics.  Explore the course blueprints and progressions.

Achieve the Core - Instructional practice resources for coaching, lesson planning, teaching, and alignment rubrics. Explore the lesson planning tool, talking with parents, teaching core videos, and much more.

Howard County - Instructional practice resources aligned to the mathematical content and process standards. Select a grade level under content course and explore the resources for RoutinesYear-At-A-GlancePlanning Resources, and Additional Resources.

Teaching the Core - Videotaped lessons which include descriptive annotations that identify lesson elements, and teacher and student actions and behaviors, that support Common Core learning. Have been carefully reviewed and annotated by experienced educators and content experts using Instructional Practice Guide.