Community colleges have the responsibility for establishing and evaluating the content, implementation, modification and review of instructional programs. Community colleges demonstrate the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the programs and services they offer their students through a program review and approval process. The Iowa Department of Education’s approval process is conducted via the State of Iowa Curriculum System (STICS), a web-based application that provides a structured environment for colleges to submit new course and program approvals and existing course and program modifications. The Department provides oversight and guidance to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, as well as with accreditation standards. View the STICS website. College personnel have login access to the STICS website to submit requests.

Common Course Numbering Protocols

Program Approval: Guidelines for Iowa Community Colleges - Assists college personnel to understand the program approval/review process. Use for course and program development or modification.

Community College Program Approval Guidance - CTE Certificates