Understanding Assessments

Assessment Literacy - Defines and supports a deeper understanding of assessment practice.

Different Assessment Types - Describes types of assessments and how they differ.

Understand How CCSS-Aligned Assessment is Different - Explains how the CCSS-aligned assessment differs from previous assessments. 

ELA/Literacy Assessment Item Alignment Professional Learning Modules - Provides modules for training efforts to guide the development of assessments aligned to the shifts required by college-and-career ready standards. Access the ELA Assessment Alignment resources to review and/or create assessment items and assessments aligned to the Shifts.

CCSSO Revising the Definition of Formative Assessment - Includes an overview of the attributes of effective formative assessment and emphasizes new areas emerging from current research, theory, and practice.

NCTE Position Statement on Formative Assessment that Truly Informs Instruction - Summarizes the recommendations from NCTE on formative assessment in literacy, including tools and strategies.

ILA Position Statement on Formative Assessment - Supports formative assessment as an integral component of a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction and assessment.

Infograph: Assessment of Learning vs Assessment for Learning - Provides a snapshot of the difference between assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

Getting Started with Assessment for Learning (AFL) - Offers information on what it is, the research behind it, and what AFL looks like in practice.

Classroom Assessment Tools

Assessment for Learning - Department resources supporting formative assessment practices.

Feed-Up, Feedback, Feed Forward: Making Formative Assessment Come Alive - Provides useful, practical information for teachers implementing formative assessment. Must have a free ASCD to access webinar recording.

Performance Assessment Resource Bank - Offers access, with free log in, to tools, protocols, and templates supporting the effective use of performance assessment.

Teachers' Essential Guide to Formative Assessment - Provides strategies and tips for making formative assessment more student-centered.

Listening and Speaking: Example Formative Assessment - Highlights the Listening and Speaking Standards by increasing students’ ability to engage in quality substantive conversations.

Classroom Assessment Examples

Achieve the Core - Provides literacy assessment tasks that illustrate the Shifts and represent the demands of all college- and career-readiness standards.

Performance-Based Assessment: Reviewing the Basics - Describes the essential components of performance-based assessments.

WestEd: Understanding Proficiency - Provides resources that guide educators in analyzing student work on performance tasks in order to develop a deeper understanding of the (ELA)/Literacy Common Core State Standards.

Literacy Design Collaborative - Presents sample performance tasks from the free online design space, LDC CoreTools.

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project - Provides sample performance assessments aligned to Common Core Reading and Writing Standards.