Principles to Actions

Steve Leinwand - Lead writer for Principles to Actions. Videos and presentations to deepen understanding of instructional practices.

Principles to Actions (PtA): Toolkit - These grade-band specific professional learning modules are focused on the Effective Teaching Practices and Guiding Principles from Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All.

Equitable Pedagogy - The mathematics teaching practices from Principles to Actions will be discussed as a strategy for promoting growth mindsets in students and teachers.

Using Identity and Agency to Frame Access and Equity - Effective Teaching Practices support the cultivation of a positive identity (beliefs about oneself, mathematics, etc.) and agency (the presentation of one’s identity).

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

NCTM Position Statements - They rest on the foundation provided by Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, Principles to Actions and research, and address issues that extend beyond the classroom.

NCTM Research Briefs and Clips - Research clips and briefs provide a foundation for taking what the research says about mathematics teaching and learning to teachers, administrators, school boards and parents. Clips provide concise statements about classroom relevant research with companion Briefs that provide additional background and research references.

NCTM Webinars and Webcasts - E-seminars are recorded professional development webinars with facilitator guide and handouts.  E-seminars are free for NCTM members. Webcasts of Annual Meeting Keynote Sessions offer notable and thought provoking leaders in math education and related fields as they inspire attendees at NCTM Conferences.

Video Supports

NCSM Jumpstart Formative Assessment - These professional development modules assist leaders in “jump starting” formative assessment, K-16. The collection contains an overview and modules, each highlighting one aspect of formative assessment with PowerPoints, Leaders’ Notes, and handouts as needed.

Teaching Channel - An environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow.

Teaching Channel Videos - A place where you can watch, learn, and talk about Teaching Channel content together.

TI-83/84 Plus Algebra - Complete course with 27 modules

TI-83/84 Plus Geometry - Complete course with 27 modules - A highly-acclaimed professional social and learning network that has become a vibrant online community for exceptional educators, decision-makers, and influencers who are on the leading edge of innovation in education.