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Contract Driver Regular
Contract Driver Substitute
Private Contractor - Nonpublic
Private Contractor - Public
Regional Transit System - Public Schools

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Nonpublic Parental Request

Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form

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Pre-Trip Inspection

Pre-Trip Activity Route
Pre-Trip Daily Route
Pre-Trip Multipurpose Vehicle
Pre-Trip Special Needs Route

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Pre-Use Inspection Forms

These forms are for allowing a school district, non-public school, day care, contractor, RTA or other entity taking delivery of a new or used vehicle for transporting students, to put that vehicle into service prior to the first formal (initial) inspection by a Department of Education inspector.  Please see the "Pre-Use Form Instructions" for full details. Additionally, the vehicle must be properly licensed and titled by the Iowa Department of Transportation. For general information on that process, call the IDOT at 515-237-3110, or visit their website.  Find school bus specific information on titles, registration and license plates here.

Pre-Use Inspection Form - Bus
Pre-Use Inspection Form - Type III
Pre-Use Form Instructions

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Other Forms

Iowa DOT Iowa Accident Report Form
DOT Physical Form
Medical Examiners Certificate
Office Information Sheet
School Bus Chassis TR-F-27A Inspection Card
School Bus Inspection-Reporting Instructions
Waiver for Insulin Dependent Bus Driver

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