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The Finance Roundtable is an invited focus group that meets approximately three times during the school year to discuss issues related to school finance. The Roundtable is not advisory but rather serves as a sounding board providing valuable insights into school finance issues or potential issues. Members are invited by the Bureau of School Business Operations. Members come from the Department of Education, Department of Management, Legislative Services Agency, State Auditor's Office, Iowa Association of School Business Officials, Iowa State Education Association, Iowa School Board Association, Iowa Superintendents Finance and Leadership Consortium, Iowa School Business Management Academy, auditing firms, school financial service firms, school districts, and area education agencies. Although individual members are invited from various organizations and backgrounds, members represent only their own personal viewpoints in a collegial setting.

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The Finance Roundtable meets in the fall, winter, and spring annually. For meeting details, see Iowa Department of Education Calendar.

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  • Kassandra Cline, Bureau Chief, Department of Education
  • Ryan Anderson, School Business Official, LeMars Community School District
  • Tim Bloom, School Business Official, Newton Community School District  
  • Pam Bormann, State Auditor's Office  
  • Jina Brincks, Education Program Consultant, Department of Education
  • Jim Donoghue, Education Program Consultant, Department of Education
  • Michelle Dowd, School Business Official, Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency
  • Stephanie Edler, Administrative Consultant, Department of Education
  • Mary Beth Fast, Executive Director, Iowa Association of School Business Officials
  • Melissa Fettkether, School Business Official, Postville Community School District  
  • Mike Guanci, Associate Executive Director, Iowa Association of School Boards
  • Denelle Gonnerman, School Business Official, Cedar Falls Community School District  
  • Dennis Gourley, School Business Official, Great Prairie Area Education Agency
  • Danielle Haindfield, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.
  • Brandon Hansel, School Business Official, Fort Dodge Community School District
  • Brian Johnson, Superintendent, Southeast Valley Community School District
  • Michael Kalvig, School Business Official, Waverly-Shell Rock Community School District 
  • Kevin Kelleher, School Business Official, Dubuque Community School District
  • Darla Kirkpatrick, School Business Official, East Mills Community School District  
  • Rachel Kruse, Education Program Consultant, Department of Education
  • John Lee, Education Program Consultant, Department of Education
  • Song Luong, Education Program Consultant, Department of Education
  • Luke Markway, Education Program Consultant, Department of Education
  • Coy Marquardt, Executive Director, Iowa State Education Association
  • Sara Meinders, School Business Official, Forest City Community School District
  • Jan Miller-Hook, School Finance Director, Iowa Association of School Boards
  • Paulette Newbold, School Business Official, Boone Community School District  
  • John Parker, Department of Management
  • Trudy Pederson, School Business Official, Storm Lake Community School District
  • Vanessa Raue, Grant Wood / Vista Iowa   
  • Lisa Remy, Executive Director, School Administrators of Iowa
  • Stan Rheingans, Administrator, Keystone Area Education Agency  
  • Ron Robinson, Legislative Services Agency  
  • TJ Schneckloth, School Business Official, Davenport Community School District
  • Paula Schreck, School Business Official, Hinton Community School District
  • Larry Sigel, Iowa School Finance Information Services
  • Shonna Trudo, School Business Official, Van Meter Community School District
  • Chad Vink, School Business Official, Indianola Community School District
  • Brett Zeller, School Business Official, West Des Moines Community
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