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Requirements - First Issuance

Completion of a full state of Iowa approved teacher preparation program for college semester hour credit including meeting at least one of the endorsement requirements.


2 years


Full teaching instruction within grade levels and endorsements listed on the license. Also holds substitute authority including long-term subbing.


Two renewals are available if needed. The second (and final) renewal requires proof of employment in a contracted position that will lead to the standard license. No credits required. Mandatory reporter training for child and dependent adult abuse is required.


Applicants who will meet the experience requirement within one year.

Applicants who have already met the experience requirement, but need one final year to meet the Iowa teaching standard.


Convert to the standard license once the experience requirement has been met (two full years or three full years - do not apply early).

Other Information

Due to the limited number of renewals, it is best to let this license type expire if not teaching in a setting that will lead to the standard license. The license can be renewed or extended at a later date.

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