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Requirements - First Issuance

Associate's degree or 60 semester hours or higher and the completion of an approved substitute authorization course.   You can download an Instruction Sheet for help completing the application.


5 years


Substitute teach for a contracted teacher out on leave in any subject grades PK-12. Cannot serve as a long-term substitute. Limited to 10 days in a row in a 30-day period in the same assignment. Cannot fill open positions. 

Paraeducators who hold a paraeducator certificate with the limited substitute authorization may serve as a substitute only in their own special education classroom. If the paraeducator holds a full substitute authorization, they may serve as a substitute teacher in any classroom except driver’s ed.


2 renewal credits and the mandatory reporter training for child and dependent adult abuse.


Verification of a Master's degree or higher, at least 10 years of PK-12 licensed experience, and the mandatory reporter training for child and dependent adult abuse. Substitute experience may count as years of experience if an individual is able to verify at least 91 days of substitute experience per year of experience.


Yes - if more time is needed to complete renewal requirements.

Course Providers

The easiest way to find the providers is to google Iowa substitute authorization course.

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