Accreditation is an external review that confirms colleges offer quality programs and services consistent with state standards. Relying on institutional self-evaluation, peer review and institutional response, accreditation evaluates formal educational activities and other activities essential to the effectiveness of a college, such as governance and financial stability. Accreditation assures the public that its tax-supported institutions operate efficiently and effectively, ensuring community colleges address the economic well-being of Iowa through improved workforce preparation and student transfers to four-year  institutions. State law (Iowa Code 260C.48 and Iowa Administrative Code 281-24) sets accreditation standards for Iowa’s community colleges.

The following documents support the colleges as they work through the state accreditation process:

Iowa Community Colleges State Accreditation Guide

2020 Academic Credentialing Chart Update - Contact Amy Gieseke for previous academic credentialing chart updates.

Facility Plan Requirements

Senior Year Plus: Guide for Educators and Educational Administrators

SYP Instructor Background Checks

Nondiscrimination Notices - Community Colleges

Faculty Qualifications

The Iowa Community Colleges Faculty Qualifications Guide

Faculty Qualification Credential Chart Suggestion Form - due Jan. 1, 2024