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Financial Management

The Department has developed these School Finance Tools to assist districts in monitoring their financial condition.

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Unspent Balance Projection: Unspent Authorized Budget Projection Worksheet

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District to District Comparisons

Analysis and Ratios of Various District Data: General Fund Financial Data & Analysis

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  • Connection between the Aid and Levy Worksheet and the Unspent Authorized Budget Report: Unspent Authorized Budget Report Reference
  • District Self-Assessment: District Self-Assessment Tool
    • This tool was developed to give districts a checklist of duties, as required by Iowa Code, Iowa Administrative Code, or as recommended by best practice. Auditor’s samples, as well as other states documentation, were reviewed for inclusion in this document. This tool is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but rather a sampling of key activities in multiple areas.  Administrative Rules cited in this document, concerning school business officials, are in the final stages of approval.
  • Financing Public Schools in Iowa: Financing Public Education in Iowa
    • This document provides general information about financing of Iowa’s public schools. The contents include a brief history of school finance legislation, concepts surrounding the current school aid formula, and information about the various funding components, including references to Iowa Code and Rule.
  • Form to Reconcile Gate Admissions: Admissions Reconciliation
  • How to Perform a Bank Reconciliation: Performing a Bank Reconciliation
  • Possible Corrective Action for Districts that Incurred a Negative Unspent Balance: Possible Corrective Action for a Negative Unspent Balance
  • Suggested Monthly Reports to District Administration and School Board:
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