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English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards


Key Shifts

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Supporting English Learners in Academic Settings

Bilingual/Dual Language Immersion Bi/DLI
Content Area Instruction Content
Co-teach Co-T
Formative Assessment FA
Newcomers New
One on One 1:1
Pull out Pull
Scaffolding/Comprehension Strategies/Differentiation Comp/Diff
Sheltered Content SC
Stages of Language Acquisition SLA
Technology Tech 
Trends in EL Education Trends
Vocabulary Vocab
Use of Native Language L1

Research-Based Strategies


Literacy for Early Childhood


ELL Strategy Toolbox Vocab - Includes protocols and strategies for teaching K-12 ELs with a focus on academic conversations.

Bilingual Education Bi/DLI - Brief description of effective research-based strategies by David and Yvonne Freeman.

Exemplary Programs for Newcomer English Language Learners at the Secondary Level New - Report of survey findings and case studies of newcomer programs.

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners (TESOL) SLA, FA - Modules with teaching tips and ready-to-use classroom activities that support each of the principles.

Content Areas (see also Comp/Diff, SLA)

Stanford Understanding Language’s Practice in the Content Areas - Addresses language demands in academic areas.

Education Northwest’s Links to Research on Instruction for ELs in Content Areas - Lists research on instructional practices and programs in various academic areas.

Scaffolding Instruction for ELLs - Engage NY’s guidance for English Language Arts (ELA) and math.


Supporting ELLs in Mathematics - Includes resources for teaching math to ELLs.

Principles for the Design of Mathematics Curricula - Presents principles and related tools for promoting development of language and math content together.

Social Studies

Social Studies Instruction for ELLs


Science Instruction for ELLs 

Language Arts

Persuasion Across Time and Space - A model ELA unit highlighting promising instructional approaches for ELs.

Resources for Planning, Differentiation, Scaffolding and Selecting Materials

Language Acquisition Overview SLA - Details the stages of language acquisition including instructional strategies, recommendations and resources for teachers. 

Do Your Materials Meet English Learners’ Needs? Content - Presents an inventory for assessing instructional materials from an EL perspective. 

Language Magazine - A collection of EL-related articles.

English Learners Success Forum Comp/Diff - Database of searchable scaffolds and activities for content learning.

Content Instruction for ELs Comp/Diff - Provides strategies and resources for providing language support for ELLs to be successful in a variety of content areas such as mathematics, science, ELA, social studies and the arts.

Edutopia - Articles about improving instruction for ELs.

Lesson Planning for ELLs - This Colorín Colorado site features resources related to planning lessons that target the needs of ELLs.

Strengths-Based Instruction for ELs Comp/Diff - Use of home language to support content learning.

Translanguaging Guides L1 - Provides videos & reference materials to support the use of students’ native languages in the classroom with a specific focus on the Core.

In Their Own Words L1 - Tips for use of students’ native language in classroom instruction.

Differentiation and RTI for ELLs Comp/Diff - Features resources for teachers on differentiating instruction for ELLs.

Bilingual Education Bi/DLI - Publications of Ofelia García.

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