The Iowa Department of Education is seeking educators, administrators, and content experts, especially those with background in the Science of Reading, to review the state’s literacy standards and provide suggestions for revisions.

The standards outline what students must learn in order to be prepared for success as they progress each year and after high school.

State law requires an ongoing review of Iowa’s academic standards, including public comment, to ensure content is current and aligns with best practices.

Individuals who are interested in serving as reviewers are encouraged to apply using this Google form. A commitment to attend all meetings is required to participate.

  1. Tuesday, Feb. 27
  2. Thursday, March 7
  3. Tuesday, March 12
  4. Tuesday, March 19
  5. Thursday, March 28

Once the updated standards are reviewed and public comment has been completed, a review committee of educators, administrators, postsecondary education, industry representatives, and families will review feedback and make final recommendations.

A final standards proposal will go before the State Board of Education for consideration. If adopted, the revised literacy standards will be required of school districts as a matter of state law.

About Iowa’s academic standards: Iowa’s academic standards provide a set of common expectations for school districts across the state while allowing for decisions regarding curriculum and how it is delivered to be made locally. The standards establish what students must learn to be prepared for success after high school. Local schools and educators continue to set and oversee decisions about curriculum and classroom instruction.

In addition to literacy, Iowa’s academic standards also cover mathematics, science, social studies and 21st century skills, such as financial literacy. They also include recommended standards for computer science, fine arts, physical education and health.