New or Additional License

Know what licenses you already have. If you are unsure, do a License Search. If you've ever held a license of the type you are applying for, even if expired, you should renew that license instead of applying for a new one.

Before you begin...

You are responsible for knowing the rules and laws pertaining to teaching and licensure, and all the information provided to you on this site as it applies to your license, authorization or endorsement.

Please note: Processing time varies and may take up to six (6) weeks.

  1. If your license has expired you must stop teaching.
  2. Once you submit a payment, there is no refund.
  3. You will need to create an account in the system (if you have not already done so.)
  4. You don’t need to complete your application all at once.
  5. Your application is not submitted to the Educational Examiners for review until the status is 'Pending - Internal Review'.  Note that you will get an email from the system confirming that it is submitted when the status changes to 'Pending - Internal Review.' 
  6. If the status is not 'Pending - Internal Review' you may need to 'Assess Application...' to get the status to change, especially if you have not completed the sections in order.
  7. If your application status is 'Pending - Internal Review' you should leave your application alone.
  8. If you are renewing, review the renewal requirements for your license type.

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Applying, Renewing & Converting a License

The Bureau of Educational Examiners uses a Salesforce system for applying, renewing and converting licenses in Iowa. If you have never used our Salesforce system (started 3-28-2019) you need to create an account.

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