Due to the large number of requests, transactions take a minimum of four to six weeks to process. Please do not contact our office to check the status of an application if it has been less than six weeks. 

Educator Licensure Frequently Asked Questions

Have your folder number ready before contacting our office.

Help TopicsContactEmailPhone
Account LoginsJessica Naylorjessica.naylor@iowa.gov515-281-3245
Information Technology SupportJeff DeBruinjeff.debruin@iowa.gov515-242-6797
Background Checks
Danielle Brookesdanielle.brookes@iowa.gov515-281-3482
Board SecretaryMeredith Hawkmeredith.hawk@iowa.gov515-281-5849
Teacher Licensure - New Iowa GraduatesSherry Jensensherry.jensen@iowa.gov515-281-8323
Substitute Authorization (non-teacher preparation)
Substitute License (teacher preparation)
Alivia Bullisalivia.bullis@iowa.gov515-725-2146
AttorneyBeth Myersbeth.myers@iowa.gov515-242-6506
Professional Service Licenses (non-counseling)
Statements of Professional Recognition
Mike Cavinmike.cavin@iowa.gov515-281-4810
Native Language Speaker Authorization
Teacher Licensure - Iowa Teacher Intern Program
Joanne Tubbsjoanne.tubbs@iowa.gov515-281-3611

Counseling- endorsement (teacher) and professional service license (non-teachers)


Kelly Fagakelly.faga@iowa.gov515-418-1403
Conditional Licensure - Administrators
Driver's Education and Behind the Wheel Authorization
Principal Licensure
SAM Licensure
Superintendent Licensure
Greg Horstmanngreg.horstmann@iowa.gov515-281-3587
Career and Technical Education
Conditional Licensure - Regular Education
Military Exchange License
School Business Officials
Secondary Teacher Licensure - Out of Country Preparation
Secondary Teacher Licensure - Prepared at out of state college
David Wempendavid.wempen@iowa.gov515-897-9546
Conditional Licensure - Special Education
Elementary Teacher Licensure - Out of Country preparation
Special Education
Elementary Teacher Licensure - Prepared at out of state college
Geri McMahongeri.mcmahon@iowa.gov515-281-3437
InvestigatorDiane Dennisdiane.dennis@iowa.gov515-281-3483