Note: The Iowa Core Essential Elements are intended only for students with significant cognitive disabilities and who participate in alternate assessments.

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Alternate Inquiry Anchor Standard

Constructing Questions

EE.SS.K.1. With guidance and support, recognize a question about a familiar topic.

Constructing Supporting Questions

EE.SS.K.2. N/A

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

EE.SS.K.3. N/A

Taking Informed Action

EE.SS.K.4. With guidance and support, identify a civic problem in their classroom.

EE.SS.K.5. N/A

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Alternate Content Anchor Standard

Behavioral Science

Recognize the Interaction Between the Individual and Various Groups

EE.SS.K.6. With guidance and support, identify one role within the student's family, school, or community.

Examine Factors that Led to Continuity and Change on Human Development and Behavior

EE.SS.K.7. With guidance and support identify one way in which students are alike and different within one social category.


Interpret Processes, Rules and Laws

EE.SS.K.8. With guidance and support, identify one way in which people work together to make a decision.

EE.SS.K.9. With guidance and support, identify one school rule and one community rule.


Engage in Economic Decision Making

EE.SS.K.10. N/A

Financial Literacy

Analyze Credit and Debt Levels

EE.SS.K.11. With guidance and support identify the difference between buying and borrowing.

Create a Saving and Spending Plan

EE.SS.K.12. N/A


Create Geographic Representations

EE.SS.K.13. Identify maps, globes or other simple geographic models.

Evaluate Human Environment Interaction

EE.SS.K.14. Identify environmental characteristics in Iowa.

Analyze Human Population Movement and Patterns

EE.SS.K.15. With guidance and support, identify reasons why people move from place to place.


Analyze Change, Continuity, and Context

EE.SS.K.16. With guidance and support, identify a past and a present event.

EE.SS.K.17. With guidance and support categorize events/items according to when they existed in the past or the present.

Critique Historical Sources and Evidence

EE.SS.K.18. With guidance and support, identify the creator of a document.

Iowa History

EE.SS.K.19. With guidance and support, identify how where you live in Iowa is different than another part of the state.

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