Note: The Iowa Core Essential Elements are intended only for students with significant cognitive disabilities and who participate in alternate assessments.

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Alternate Inquiry Anchor Standard

Constructing Questions

EE.SS.6.1. Describe the relationship between a compelling question and a supporting question within a disciplinary concept.

Constructing Supporting Questions

EE.SS.6.2. N/A

Gathering and Evaluating Sources

EE.SS.6.3. Determine if a source is fact or opinion.

EE.SS.6.4. N/A

Developing Claims and Using Evidence

EE.SS.6.5. With guidance and support, identify evidence that draws information from 1 perspective of a source to support claims.

EE.SS.6.6. With guidance and support, identify a claim and point out a strength of the claim.

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

EE.SS.6.7. With teacher direction, construct and communicate responses to compelling questions based on credible sources.

EE.SS.6.8. N/A

EE.SS.6.9. N/A

EE.SS.6.10. N/A

Taking Informed Action

EE.SS.6.11. Identify consequences of actions when taking action to address problems.

EE.SS.6.12. Identify a democratic procedure to make decisions in the classroom or community.

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Alternate Content Anchor Standard

Behavioral Science

Examine Factors that Led to Continuity and Change in Human and Group Behavior

EE.SS.6.13. Identify a culture by its beliefs and values.

Recognize the Interaction Between Individuals and Various Groups

EE.SS.6.14. Identify how groups form in our society.


Assess the Global Economy

EE.SS.6.15. Identify characteristics of an economic system.


Create Geographic Representations

EE.SS.6.16. Create a geographic representation that includes environmental characteristics.

Evaluate Human Environment Interaction

EE.SS.6.17. Identify the effects of physical and environmental characteristics of places and regions on the people who live there.

Analyze Human Population Movements and Patterns

EE.SS.6.18. Identify how changes in transportation and technology can influence the movement of people and/or goods in the world.

Analyze Global Interconnections

EE.SS.6.19. N/A


Analyze Change, Continuity, and Context

EE.SS.6.20. Explain how two historical developments are connected from a geographic or cultural context.

Compare Perspectives

EE.SS.6.21. Identify how perspectives of people have changed throughout different historical eras.

Justify Causation and Argumentation

EE.SS.6.22. N/A

Iowa History

EE.SS.6.23. Compare Iowa's geography, natural resources, and/or climates to another region of the world.

Financial Literacy

Develop Financial and Career Goals

EE.SS.6.24. Identify how a person's needs and wants can impact their financial decisions.

Create a Saving and Spending Plan

EE.SS.6.25. Create a budget.

Analyze Credit and Debt Levels

EE.SS.6.26. N/A

Evaluate Savings and Long Term Investments

EE.SS.6.27. N/A

Measure Risk Management Tools

EE.SS.6.28. N/A

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