Note: The Iowa Core Essential Elements are intended only for students with significant cognitive disabilities and who participate in alternate assessments.

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Alternate Inquiry Anchor Standard

Constructing Questions

EE.SS.3.1. Identify supporting questions for a compelling question with a familiar inquiry.

Constructing Supporting Questions

EE.SS.3.2. N/A

Gathering and Evaluating Sources

EE.SS.3.3. Determine if a source is fact or opinion.

Developing Claims and Using Evidence

EE.SS.3.4. Identify evidence related to a compelling question.

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

EE.SS.3.5. Answer a compelling question with an example.

Taking Informed Action

EE.SS.3.6. N/A

EE.SS.3.7. Identify a civic problem within their classroom or community, and work with other partner(s) to create a possible solution.

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Alternate Content Anchor Standard

Behavioral Science

Recognize the Interaction Between the Individual and Various Groups

EE.SS.3.8. N/A

Examine Factors that Led to Continuity and Change on Human Development and Behavior

EE.SS.3.9. Compare the treatment of a demographic group in the past and present.


Interpret Processes, Rules and Laws

EE.SS.3.10. Identify consequences of following or breaking rules/laws.

EE.SS.3.11. N/A


Engage in Economic Decision Making

EE.SS.3.12. N/A

Critique Exchange and Markets

EE.SS.3.13. Identify how people use natural resources and human resources to produce goods and services.

EE.SS.3.14. Identify the role of a financial institution in an economy. (i.e. banks, businesses).

Assess the Global Economy

EE.SS.3.15. N/A

Financial Literacy

Develop Financial and Career Goals

EE.SS.3.16. Identify one way a person can improve their income.

Create a Saving and Spending Plan

EE.SS.3.17. Identify the difference between paying now and paying later.

Evaluate Savings and Long Term Investments

EE.SS.3.18. Identify a benefit of saving money.


Create Geographic Representations

EE.SS.3.19. Use a geographic representation to display the characteristics of a place.

Evaluate Human Environment Interaction

EE.SS.3.20. Identify reasons that influence how people choose where to live.

Analyze Human Population Movements and Patterns

EE.SS.3.21. Use a geographic model to identify how the environment affects where people decide to live.


Analyze Change, Continuity, and Context

EE.SS.3.22. N/A

Compare Perspectives

EE.SS.3.23. Identify two conflicting perspectives on one historical event or issue.

Critique Historical Sources and Evidence

EE.SS.3.24. N/A

Justify Causation and Argumentation

EE.SS.3.25. Identify probable causes and effects of one historical event or development.

EE.SS.3.26. N/A

Iowa History

EE.SS.3.27. N/A

EE.SS.3.28. Identify how groups of people that live in Iowa impacted the state. 

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