Note: The Iowa Core Essential Elements are intended only for students with significant cognitive disabilities and who participate in alternate assessments.

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Alternate Inquiry Anchor Standard

Constructing Questions

EE.SS.2.1. With guidance and support identify a compelling question with an unfamiliar topic.

Constructing Supporting Questions

EE.SS.2.2. N/A

Gathering and Evaluating Sources

EE.SS.2.3. With guidance and support, identify what characteristics make a source primary or secondary.

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

EE.SS.2.4. Identify an example that could be used to answer a compelling question.

Taking Informed Action

EE.SS.2.5. With guidance and support, identifies the decision about a civic problem in the classroom and participate in the group or individual action.

EE.SS.2.6. N/A

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Alternate Content Anchor Standard

Behavioral Science

Recognize the Interaction Between the Individual and Various Groups

EE.SS.2.7. With guidance and support, identify two different points of view to address a community problem.


Analyze Civic and Political Institutions

EE.SS.2.8. With guidance and support, identify a purpose of government.

Apply Civic Virtues and Democratic Principles

EE.SS.2.9. With guidance and support, identifies their opinion on a decision about a local issue.

Interpret Processes, Rules and Laws

EE.SS.2.10. With guidance and support, identify a community problem and solutions to the problem.


Evaluate the National Economy

EE.SS.2.11. With guidance and support, identify the difference between needs and wants.

EE.SS.2.12. Identify natural resources and how they can be used.

EE.SS.2.13. Identify goods and services the government provides.

Financial Literacy

Develop Financial and Career Goals

EE.SS.2.14. Identify the level of education necessary for a specific career.

Create a Saving and Spending Plan

EE.SS.2.15. Identify the difference between spending and saving.


Create Geographic Representations

EE.SS.2.16. Use maps to identify the appropriate routes used to move people and things.

Evaluate Human Environment Interaction

EE.SS.2.17. N/A

Analyze Human Population Movements and Patterns

EE.SS.2.18. With guidance and support, indicate choices a person can make that impacts their environment.


Analyze Change, Continuity, and Context

EE.SS.2.19. With guidance and support identify a reasonable prediction about the future based on past related events.

EE.SS.2.20. Identify how a person can influence events.

Compare Perspectives

EE.SS.2.21. With guidance and support, compare how a person from the past and a person living today would think about a particular question or issue.

Critique Historical Sources and Evidence

EE.SS.2.22. N/A

Justify Causation and Argumentation


Iowa History

EE.SS.2.24. With guidance and support, identify uses of Iowa's natural resources.

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