From working as an engineer at a business in a big city to being a mathematics teacher in a rural school district, there are thousands of different STEM careers that are within a student's reach. In these videos, you will find unique and fun STEM-related occupations that will help lead to a fulfilling professional career right here in Iowa.

We need your help in introducing these Iowa STEM Career videos to students across the state by:

  • Showing these in a classroom to help students visualize how what they learn in a lecture or a textbook ties directly to the STEM jobs of our state;
  • Sending the videos in an email to parents, encouraging them to have the conversation with their students about high-paying Iowa STEM jobs;
  • Hosting a STEM career awareness day that shows these videos and invites in guest speakers from local STEM industries to do a Q&A with students;
  • Creating a project that encourages students to create their own Iowa STEM Career video about a local business in their area;
  • Sharing the link to the videos on your social media channels;
  • Playing them on loop on TV screens used for announcements throughout your school building;
  • Informing other STEM teachers in your school about the videos, so that they can use them as conversation pieces in their classrooms.

Did you think of any other ways to use these videos with your students? Send your ideas to, and we will get them included on our list.

Computer Science Careers


Meet Adam Waters, mechanical engineer at Accumold, and learn how he uses STEM to play a major role in micro parts.


Meet Blake Consdorf, a division president at Acieta, and find out how he applies STEM to improve operations.

DuPont Pioneer

Meet Keri Carstens, senior manager of integrated product research and stewardship at DuPont Pioneer, and find out how she uses STEM to work the bugs out.

Wells Blue Bunny

Meet Terri VanderPol, a senior scientist at Wells Enterprise, and learn how she used STEM to land a really sweet job.

If you are a business or know of a business that is interested in helping us create a new Iowa STEM Career video, email Carrie Rankin at