The North Central Iowa STEM Region is a collaborative effort with Iowa State University. The North Central Region is able to use the strengths from the institution to help expand STEM into the communities served in North Central Iowa.

North Central Iowa STEM Region Map

Iowa State University

1259 Stange Rd
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: 515-294-0645

The Regional Manager, Mauree Haage, Iowa State University and North Central Iowa's Regional STEM Advisory Board collaborate to identify, grow and create STEM programs that strengthen the North Central STEM region.

North Central Iowa’s STEM Region Advisory Board

  • Allen Barrow, Ames
  • Jared Brown, Ankeny
  • Teresa Green, Boone
  • Kidron Knox, Pleasant Hill
  • Allyson Krull, Mason City
  • Melinda McGregor, Mason City
  • Maria Morales, Mason City
  • Sara Nelson, Ames
  • Michael Pedersen, Marshalltown
  • Kay Schmalen, Clear Lake
  • LuAnn Scholbrock, Forest City
  • Matthew Stephan, Fort Dodge
  • Ann Tedore, Marshalltown
  • Yen Verhoven, Ames
  • David Zrostlik, Garner

Mauree Haage, North Central Iowa Regional STEM Manager

Mauree Haage has been a science and computer science teacher for the past 10 years; most currently teaching at North Mahaska Jr/Sr High in New Sharon, Iowa. She received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science Education from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and her Master of Arts in Science Education from the University of Northern Iowa.  She has presented on various STEM topics at state and national conferences in addition to facilitating hands-on workshops for practicing teachers who want to learn more about STEM teaching methods throughout the midwest and other states. She is passionate about introducing students and teachers to the world of STEM and firmly believes all students should have access to quality science education and opportunities. In addition to her teaching background, Mauree has also been a member of the South Central Iowa STEM advisory board for six years (three of those as co-chair), as well as helping on several state workgroups advocating and providing recommendations for STEM, computer science education, and computer science standards for the youth of Iowa.