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Prevention Strategies & Programs

Every two years, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) partners with Iowa school districts to administer the Iowa Youth Survey (IYS). The IYS is an important source of data on adolescent health behaviors and experiences. For decades, Iowa schools and parents have supported participation in the IYS. Hundreds of thousands of Iowa adolescents have shared information on their health-related experiences.

Summary Reports

IYS reports list responses to every question on the survey, providing total percentages and breakdowns by grade and gender. The data have been reported in various ways to meet the needs of state, regional and local planners.

Reports in the following categories are available on the Iowa Youth Health Assessment Program webpage:

  • State of Iowa
  • Counties
  • Judicial Districts
  • Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Planning Regions
  • Area Education Agencies

District Reports

The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services sends an individual district report directly to districts. For more information, email

If you are not a district employee, but are interested in having access to the IYS report for a particular district, contact the district directly to request a copy of the report.