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Social Studies

In kindergarten, students will engage in learning about themselves, their school, city and state. They will have opportunities to compare how life in the past is different from life today with respect to their own experiences.

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Inquiry Anchor Standard

Constructing Compelling Questions

SS.K.1. Recognize a compelling question.

Constructing Supporting Questions

SS.K.2. Identify the relationship between compelling and supporting questions.

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

SS.K.3. Construct responses to compelling questions using examples.

Taking Informed Action

SS.K.4. Take group or individual action to help address local, regional, and/or global problems.

SS.K.5. Use deliberative and democratic procedures to make decisions about and act on civic problems in their classrooms.

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Content Anchor Standard

Behavioral Science

Recognize the Interaction Between the Individual and Various Groups

SS.K.6. Describe students’ roles in different groups of which they are members including their family, school, and community.

Examine Factors that Led to Continuity and Change on Human Development and Behavior

SS.K.7. Describe ways in which students and others are alike and different within a variety of social categories.


Interpret Processes, Rules and Laws

SS.K.8. Determine a procedure for how people can effectively work together to make decisions to improve their classrooms or communities.

SS.K.9. Compare and contrast rules from different places.


Engage in Economic Decision Making

SS.K.10. Give examples of choices that are made because of scarcity.

Financial Literacy

Analyze Credit and Debt Levels

SS.K.11. Explain the difference between buying and borrowing.

Create a Saving and Spending Plan

SS.K.12. Distinguish between appropriate spending choices. (21st century skills)


Create Geographic Representations

SS.K.13. Create a route to a specific location using maps, globes, and other simple geographic models.

Evaluate Human Environment Interaction

SS.K.14. Compare environmental characteristics in Iowa with other places.

Analyze Human Population Movement and Patterns

SS.K.15. Explain why and how people move from place to place.


Analyze Change, Continuity, and Context

SS.K.16. Distinguish at least two related items or events by sequencing them from the past to the present.

SS.K.17. Compare life in the past to life today.

Critique Historical Sources and Evidence

SS.K.18. Given context clues, develop a reasonable idea about who created the primary or secondary source, when they created it, where they created it, or why they created it.

Iowa History

SS.K.19. Compare and contrast local environmental characteristics to that of other parts of the state of Iowa.

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Iowa Social Studies Standards Document

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