Iowa STEM has determined that two supports for STEM educators are needed to maintain the high quality and essential role of STEM education throughout the state: 

  1. Incentive for practicing STEM professionals to career transition to teaching; and
  2. Support for in-service STEM teachers to update their skills and knowledge in the fast-moving fields of STEM.

RAPIL Scholarship

The RAPIL scholarship is available for STEM professionals seeking support to career-transition to teaching. 

STEM Scholarship Testimonials

"The RAPIL program has blessed me with a purpose that I have been lacking ever since I finished my service commitment to my country in the Air Force. I am eager to learn all I can from my extremely knowledgeable professors, and that means limiting distractions. The Iowa STEM RAPIL Scholarship has lifted a large personal distraction which included, "how am I going to afford this?". This scholarship allows me to be mentally present in all of my teacher interactions to ensure I become the best possible educator for our youth today and tomorrow." - Derek Dusenbery, 2022 RAPIL Scholarship Recipient

"Last year I was working full time as an associate in our school, as well as attending RAPIL, and family at home. I was very overwhelmed. I needed to work full time to pay for my tuition. After the scholarship, I was able to start substitute teaching, because it lifted some of the financial burden as well as the mental stresses of feeling overwhelmed with all my commitments. This year I am teaching 9-12 Family Consumer Science and loving every minute of it! With receiving the scholarship again I am able to not think about that part of finishing the RAPIL program and I can focus on the students that just walked into my classroom to learn about Fashion. So thank you!" - Rebecca Lambert, 2022 RAPIL Scholarship Recipient

"Last spring, as Iowa was moving forward with the implementation of CS standards, I volunteered to switch an elective that I teach to 6th graders to a Computer Science elective. As a teacher-librarian, I am a proponent of life-long learning and was very excited to begin working to add a Computer Science endorsement to my teaching license. I am in a cohort through the University of Northern Iowa, taking one class per semester for five semesters.

This fall I used the STEM LIfT Scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for the course, Fundamentals of Programming. It is a fascinating class, and I am completely enjoying my learning! I am also delighted to be able to share, with my students, that I am leaning programming at the same time I am teaching them the basics of CS and programming! There is nothing quite as rewarding in education, as putting your teaching into action and showing the students how valuable learning can be!" - Jenni Olson, Computer Science Educator, West Branch Community Schools

"The LIfT Scholarship has helped me continue the pursuit of gaining a greater knowledge of Computer Science. I am part of a Cohort at UNI under the instruction of Professor Ben Schafer who has created a fantastic learning experience! I'm so thankful for the Iowa STEM Council for their continued support of STEM Education in Iowa and helping me to make a difference in the lives of my students!" - Sam Howard, STEM Educator, Northeast MSHS