The purpose of the Summer Reading Camp Grant is to build, evaluate, enrich and/or sustain evidence-based summer reading programming for schools with the most intense needs in Iowa. Anticipated results include increased achievement in literacy and decreased achievement gaps. 

Eligibility Requirements

To realize the benefits of summer reading programming, students need to regularly attend the program, receive explicit academic instruction during their time in the program, and have access to high-quality staff.  In addition, barriers to access need to be considered such as cost, availability, transportation, accessibility, and aligning programs.  Therefore, to take part in this grant opportunity, specific requirements must be met.

  • All public elementary schools are eligible to apply. Significant priority will be awarded to schools that commit to including the state-provided digital literacy program in the 2024 summer school plan, as well as the 2025 summer school plan.
  • Schools that have the following designations will also be given priority.
    • Any school designated as Comprehensive School in Need of Improvement (CSI);
    • Any school designated as Extended Comprehensive School in Need of Improvement  (E-CSI);
    • Any school designated as a Targeted School in Need of Improvement (TSI) or Extended Targeted School in Need of Improvement (E-TSI) located within a district that also has one or more schools designated as either CSI or E-CSI.

Implementation Plan

Eligible schools interested in the Summer Reading Camp grant opportunity must develop a plan with a brief description that addresses each of the following:

  1. Need for the program(s) based on student performance, needs of the school, and how this fits into the broader picture of the district.
  2. Program Description that includes a description of the program, including (a) focus pillar or pillars (phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension) (b) evidence-based interventions to be used, (c) how the school will ensure fidelity of implementation of the selected intervention, including the state-provided digital literacy program if applicable and (d) how the program will align with ELA core instruction during the school year.
  3. Projected Costs for the program, including the provided budget table that outlines how the funds will be used to carry out evidenced-based summer school activities to advance student achievement. For guidance on the appropriate use of funds, see ESSER III guidance.
  4. Plan for Implementation of the program(s), including (a) a plan to ensure daily attendance, (b) how students will be transported to and from the program, (c) high-quality staff that will be providing services and (d) community partnerships if applicable.

Program Funds

  • Schools can apply for up to $100,000 to develop or expand summer reading programs to be implemented this summer
  • Allowable costs may include, but are not limited to,  staffing, evidence-based reading interventions, tutoring and other activities to advance student achievement, transportation costs and snacks and meals aligned with requirements of the National School Lunch Program.


Learning Beyond the Bell Grant Timeline
May 24, 2024Application opens in IowaGrants.gov
June 21, 2024Application closes in IowaGrants.gov
June 28, 2024Grant awards announced


Application available on IowaGrants.gov.

Summer Reading Camp Grant Information Sheet

Summer Reading Camp Grant Application Scoring Rubric