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Financial Management

Textbooks adopted and purchased by a school district shall, to the extent funds are appropriated by the general assembly, be made available to pupils attending accredited nonpublic schools upon request of the pupil or the pupil's parent under comparable terms as made available to pupils attending public schools. The request for services is made by the nonpublic school on its certified enrollment due by October 15 annually. The allocation to public schools is identified for each specific nonpublic school within its boundaries making requests for textbook services. Any amount not used for that nonpublic school in one fiscal year is carried forward as a restricted fund balance to be used for that nonpublic school in a subsequent fiscal year. For purposes of this allocation, "nonpublic school" includes special accredited college preparatory schools.


Allocations are given to public school districts to be used to provide nonpublic textbooks services.

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